Senin, 13 Desember 2010

White Mt. Women's Biggy Thong Sandal

White Womens Biggy Sandal Turquoise

White Womens Biggy Sandal Turquoise

Used to wear Dr. Scholl's high heel sandals. They have styles that are more fashionable and pretty, but always something was wrong. I used to get scrapes, blisters and cuts from wearing Dr. Sholl's that never be comfortable to wear for long walks such as shopping at a mall.

I have never been interested in Crocs since they tend to look least pretty and cheap. Some flats are okay, but I don't wear flats. This sandal though is an exception because of its outstanding comfort. The style is, to me, acceptable at the bottom. However, I could walk for hours on high heels, and they don't hurt my feet nor make tired. It is also durable, and the rubber is very high quality. I have been wearing them daily for over a half of year, no damage nor scratches on visible part. I hope Crocs will make another version of this style.

My size is 7.5 little wider, and size 8 fits perfectly.

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  1. Susanna Valencia15 Oktober 2010 11.32

    The shoes are great looking and the order came on time. Great experience! I will order again at the web site.

  2. Sandal fits perfect! My feet is wide in the front and narrow in my heel area and this shoe compliments my feet. I also wear arch support on a daily basis and with this shoe I need none, it has great support. It is feels soft inside. Also the colors are to die for. It goes with everything in my closet. I love this shoe very much!