Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

5 starts for Ivana!!!!

Ivanka Trump Womens Sandal Leather

Ivanka Trump Womens Sandal Leather

I would definitely recommend this product and will buy more croc sandals! I have very sensitive skin with allergies and every shoe in this planet will give me a blister. No matter material, brand, style (even flip flops will be, sometimes, a problem for me).
I bought this sandals through Amazon and that same day I went to the drugstore and got a box of bandaids because I know that the first week or so I always wear bandaids with my new shoes, specially of the shoe are the kind that you wear without socks. A week after my purchase and using the sandals as much as I would use any other shoe and the bandaid box is still unopened!! Yeah!!
Also, this crocs are great for the beach or hot weather with rain, since they are fully washable! So no matter the rain or a walk in the water (beach, lake, sewer... whatever pleases you) they will be always there for a next time. They won't slip out when wet because the fit is snug. It is like going around in very comfortable flip flops, but better looking.

Just some extra info: I wear size 5.5 or 6, depending on the shoe and brand, but mostly 5.5 (tiny, I know). Also, I have slim feet. I ordered this pair size 5 because I reckoned that I rather have a slightly tight sandal than a slightly large one because of the blister issue (less friction with a snug one) also, because I knew they would not slip out when wet, and since they are sandals, no problem with my toes being restrained in a small shoe. They fit perfectly!! not small, not large (although, if they were closed shoes my large toe would be complaining by now, because they indeed are half a size smaller). Therefore, I believe that the fit is true to the size (at least for me). So I would recommend you to order your regular size. If it doesn't fit, Amazon is always good with returns and exchanges (so far!).

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  1. Jason Jennings20 Oktober 2011 10.32

    I wear a 6.5 medium width in shoes and these fit true to size. The sandal are very well made and the leather looks rich. The sandal does look very expensive. The sandal heel height is not to high which makes them comfortable and easy to walk in. The foot bed has padding, but I will be putting some in these sandal for extra support. These sandal are really gorgeous and nice to look at. It is the best pair of wedges I own that is sitting in my closet. You can dress it up with dresses and dress it down with jeans and shorts. These sandals will get you alot of head turning and lots of compliments when ever you wear them. I recommend this sandal to anybody who's looking for a great pair of wedges for spring/summer that is on trend.

  2. Victor Bradford21 Oktober 2011 16.32

    about the quality and style of this sandal. Can't wait for spring as it provides just enough lift with comfort.