Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Never disappointed...

Papillio Womens Sydney Flower Turquoise

Papillio Womens Sydney Flower Turquoise

This is my second pair of Papillio sandals with a Birkenstock foot bed. They are the most comfy sandals I've ever owned. My first pair are, well, well worn (bought in 2008), still totally wearable and functional, but I've worn them so much that the support in the foot bed has decreased slightly (I actually didn't realize it though, until I got the new pair) and I wear them all the time, everywhere, inside and outside the house so they are kind of, well, filthy. Gross, really. You know the pair of shoes I'm talking about. The default go to slip on's that get worn probably 365 days a year, to get the mail, water the plants, take out the trash, go to the basement and do laundry, run to the store, take the dog out, just walk around the house in, etc. until they are worn to nothing. I wanted a new "clean" pair for only around the house and I am keeping the old pair for outside until I've worn them to their end. Aside from a couple of simple DIY super glue fixes where the foot bed top was separating from the cork (remember, the sandals are 5 years old and I wear them constantly)I've had no problems with them. I LOVE THEM. You will get your money's worth and your feet will be so happy.

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