Minggu, 21 November 2010

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Roxy TW Low Tide Toddler

Roxy TW Low Tide Toddler

I bought the black pair in a size 9 and I wear a size 9 tennis shoe. The crocs fit fine, no overhanging toes or heel, and not too loose or wide. I usually try to find shoes that are a little bit wide because I have a Morton's Neuroma in my left foot and if a shoe is too narrow it causes excruciating pain. These sandals are the perfect width, just wide enough so there's no discomfort, but not so wide that it looks like a flipper. I tried wearing the strap on the back of my heel like a slingback sandal, but the strap kept slipping down. So now I'm wearing the strap over the top of my foot and the shoes stay on just fine. The straps across my toes were kind of snug at first, but after pulling on them and stretching them by hand they feel better. I usually have foot and heel pain if I wear sandals that don't have support and I'm limping by the end of the day, so I usually have to forego the sandals and just wear tennis shoes. I'm hoping these will be my sandals for the summer. So far so good (3 hours and counting). Also, per someone's suggestion, if your crocs are a little too snug, put them in the dryer for 10-15 minutes (just long enough for the dryer to warm up and get the shoes semi warm) and then you can either stuff socks or something in them to stretch them out while they cool off or you can put socks on your feet and wear the sandals for about 30 minutes until they cool off and reshape. I tried this on another pair of crocs that I have and it worked like a charm. Now I can wear them and they're comfortable. So I imagine you can do this with any type of crocs you buy. Hope this review helps!

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