Senin, 29 November 2010

Great Flip Flops

Ocean Minded OM217 Oumi Flip

Ocean Minded OM217 Oumi Flip

so right out of the box i took these boots to mt. whitney, whitney was closed so we ended up doing langley wich was awesome. i was nervous that my feet would get blistered and beat with no break in period. ended up being a great choice ! i have never had a better boot, 21 miles of hiking and not one sore spot on my feet . plenty of support! i do agree with one of the reviews saying that the toe box was hard to tighten up but with a little effort they felt great on the way up and on the way down. i have a wide foot and the 13 D(M) was perfect. plenty of room with out my toes slamming into the front on the way down > at the end of the day GREAT BUY! im now a big fan of much as i wanted to dunk my foot in a stream i didnt so i cant comment on the water proofing of the boot . i highly recomend this boot! felt like a nike !

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  1. These sandals fit perfectly. Not too long, not undersized. The width is just perfect for M. Even though they do not have any arch support, I wore them on very long walks over several days; the only pair I took with me, in fact, and my feet did not feel tired or even sore. They felt so comfortable.

    I wear them a lot, and I even purchased the brown and pink colors. Beautiful, love them!